Women’s Empowerment Foundation for Southern Africa (WEFSA) is a women’s media based organisation which seeks to promote (a) women’s democratic participation in political decision making and (b) gender sensitive and inclusive media freedom.

The organisation was born out of the realization that women are seldom given space in the media to speak on issues that affect them, and mostly get coverage when devastating events have occurred to them.

WEFSA is, therefore, striving to change the society’s negative perception of women.



In explaining WEFSA’s logo, Founding CEO Edinah Masanga said, ”Women are often made to feel vulnerable for being beautiful, and presumed to be weak because of their beauty. But, beauty has nothing to do with intellectual capabilities and therefore we recognize women’s beauty and strength hence the flowers and blue colour respectively. Our logo also symbolises budding, a process which is required to kick off women’s growth and shattering of ceilings.”