WEFSA Founder & CEO Edinah Masanga

Women’s Empowerment Foundation for Southern Africa (WEFSA) is a women’s information based organization which aims to; amplify women’s voices; open communication channels for marginalized women to speak out; empower women with information to change their lives; and advocate for a fair, balanced and gender-sensitive portrayal of women in mainstream media.

We also put emphasis on empowering rural women in Zimbabwe with information to gain economic independence in order to meet their own basic needs. Eliminating women’s immediate and distressing challenges such as hunger and sanitary needs contributes to their sense of dignity and facilitates the progressive realization of their economic and social rights. As a result, they gain and use their voices to improve their social status in the home and the community.

Overall, elevating women’s voices enables  (a) women’s democratic participation in communities, in governance, political decision-making and (b) a gender sensitive and inclusive discourse on women’s issues. Therefore, in general, we are working to amplify women’s voices by using different strategies to help women gain their voices first and then facilitating their expression.

The organisation was founded by female journalists from Zimbabwe and South Africa. The organization was born out of the realization that women are seldom given space in the media to speak on issues that affect them, and mostly get coverage when devastating events have occurred to them. Through its media and advocacy department, WEFSA is also striving to change the society’s negative perception of women through the media.


WEFSA’s programmes aim to amplify women’s voices; increase their democratic participation in socioeconomic issues…