Africa Day Message: This is not the Africa I want

I would have liked to wish all my fellow women a happy Africa Day today but sadly I can’t. I see messages on the ‘Africa we want’ but as we all know, the Africa we have right now excludes, subjugates and oppresses women. It views women through sexual eyes and focuses on their place in bedrooms and not boardrooms.

The Africa I want is one where women are respected, afforded equal opportunities and NOT beaten by their partners. An Africa where young girls are not held down and their genitals mutilated. I want an Africa where women can walk at night in its cities safely. The Africa I want is one free from wars in which the raping of women and girls is used as a weapon of war.

I want an Africa where my girls can choose to be who they want to be without being punished for it. I want an Africa where LGBT people can live freely without fear, where everyone has a choice on who to love.

The Africa I want is one which uplifts, educates, respects, loves, reveres and celebrate its women.