Women's voices Anthology volume 01



















The Uncensored! series will feature stories on topics that are rarely discussed in the media in Southern Africa due to either prejudices, stigma or in the case of Zimbabwe most social debates are criminalized. The inaugural issue will chronicle stories of LGBT women on their love lives and how it is like to live on the margins.

We want stories, not commentary because we believe in the power of personal stories having the ability to inspire emotions that can lead to change. Stories of LGBT women that we see in the media are mostly about them being killed, punished, or having experienced a tragedy of some sort but in this issue, we want to hear all of that but also how they live and how they love.

Compelling fiction is also accepted for this edition and it will be marked clearly as such upon publication.

An honorarium will be paid for entries and contributors will receive a copy of the anthology as well as an invitation to the launch ceremony.

Send story proposals to wefsabuzz(at)outlook.com.

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